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Covid Antibody, Infection profile and RT-PCR Test from Thyrocare

Covid RT-PCR test Rs. 700-1200

  • Covid RT-PCR Test
Covid-19 RTPCR Test
Rs. 1400 Rs. 1200 to 700
Home collection

Covid-19 RTPCR Test to check if a person is currently Covid-19 positive or not. Presently we provide Home Service only in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane

Covid Neutralising Antibody @ Rs. 500

  • Covid Neutralising Antibody Test
Covid Neutralising Antibody Test
Rs. 800 Rs. 500
New Launch

Covid Neutralising Antibody - Vaccinated, but not Sure if you've developed Antibodies? Clear your doubts with Covid Neutralising Antibody Test!

Covid Antibody GT @ Rs. 650

  • Covid Antibody IgG
  • Covid Antibody Total
Covid Antibody GT
Rs. 800 Rs. 650
Check if you are Immune

Covid Antibody Test (IgG, Total) to check whether your body has resistance to Covid-19 viruses. Check whether your body has Antibodies to fight against Covid-19. Includes IgG and Total Test.

Post Covid Care Profile (34 Tests) @ Rs. 1199

  • CBC Hemogram (24)
  • C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
  • Random blood sugar
  • Antibody IgG
  • Creatinine Serum
  • Thyroid (3)
Post Covid Care (34 Tests)
Rs. 3200 Rs. 1199
Ideal for those who have recovered

Post Covid Care Profile helps to keep a watch on your health after Covid recovery covering SGOT, SGPT ,CRP, Thyroid Profile, Antibody IgG, Creatinine, Random Sugar, CBC - Blood count and more

Covid Infection Monitoring Profile (5 Tests) @ Rs. 2450

  • C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
Covid Infection Monitoring (5 Tests)
Rs. 3200 Rs. 2450
Ideal for Covid +ve patient

Covid Infection Monitoring Profile aids in clinical diagnosis and monitoring of Covid-19 covering D-dimer, Ferritin ,CRP, LACTATE DEHYDROGENASE (LDH) , Interleukin-6

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Why Choose Us

Advantages of doing Tests with us


Our rates are almost 50% less than other LAB


No need to visit centre


24-48 hrs by Email & Hard copy in 3-4 days by courier


100% Accurate CAP accredited LAB


Available in Major Town & cities


Rs 5000 under Section 80D for preventive health checkup

Why do we need health checkup ?

Life in a fast lane has led many to ignore their health. Untill its too late then we realize Health is our True Wealth.

With growing stress levels at work, competition, frequently eating out, fast food syndrome there is also a steady growth of lifestyle related diseases like heart problems, diabetes and cancers all of which if not checked in time would lead to delirious consequences.

Book a Health Checkup Package today from us!

Exclusive Laboratory Partner

Thyrocare Thyrocare Technologies Limited is India's first and most advanced Totally Automated Laboratory having strong presence in more than 2000 cities / towns in India since last 23 years providing Free Home Sample Collection and 100% Accurate Error-free Reports.


Lab Test at home

Lab Test at Home

Starts at Rs. 200
Smokers Panel

Smokers Panel

Starts at Rs. 2000
Hair Fall screening package

Hair Fall Screening

Starts at Rs. 2749
Skin care checkup profile

Skin Care Checkup

Starts at Rs. 2399
Prenatal Screening tests

Prenatal Screening

Starts at Rs. 2200
Alcohol Impact Checkup

Alcohol Impact Checkup

Starts at Rs. 1349
Healthy Heart Packages

Healthy Heart Packages

Starts at Rs. 1000
Diet Impact Test

Diet Impact Test

Starts at Rs. 1799
Pollution Impact Profiles

Pollution Impact Profiles

Starts at Rs. 1799
Fitness Essential Checkups

Fitness Essential Checkups

Starts at Rs. 1549
Female Profile

Female Tests / Profiles

Starts at Rs. 550
Fever Profile

Fever Profiles

Starts at Rs. 850
Aarogyam Basic

Aarogyam Basic

Starts at Rs. 1100
Aarogyam Advanced

Aarogyam Advanced

Starts at Rs. 2800
Paleo Profile

Paleo Profile

Starts at Rs. 2200
Covid Antibody / RTPCR Test

Covid Tests

Starts at Rs. 500
Metabolic Profile

Metabolic Profile

Starts at Rs. 2400
Diabetic Profile

Diabetic Profile

Starts at Rs. 1400
Arthritis Profile

Arthritis Profile

Starts at Rs. 2200
Bone Profile

Bone Profile

Starts at Rs. 2000
Anemia Profile

Anemia Profile

Starts at Rs. 2200
Infertility Profile

Infertility Profile

Starts at Rs. 2000
Vitamin Profile

Vitamin Profile

14 Vitamins at Rs. 2900
Tuberculosis - Diagnosis and treatment

TB Genome Sequencing Profile

18 DST test at Rs. 7160
Food Intolerance Profile

Food Intolerance Profile

217 Test at Rs. 6700
Whole body PET CT scan

CT scan (Single part)

starts at Rs. 2000

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